Scholarship 2017

In June, 2017, Mad River Lodge will again offer to two $500 scholarships for college education.  The program is jointly sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Vermont. Preference is given to local students with Masonic family connection who are entering college. However, Mad RIver Lodge’s program has no strict limitations other than providing recognition and assistance to students entering or already enrolled in higher education. This year’s application deadline is May 202017 for presentation at the June Harwood Union Awards.  Questions and applications should be directed to RIck Rayfield PhD, PO Box 819 Waitsfield, VT 05673  802-229-8237 The application requests a transcript.  Letters of recommendation are optional. Download application here,  or request copy by post or email from contact above, or pick up at Tempest Book Shop.

Download Word doc: may be filled in by computer

Here is text of Application:
Mad River Lodge will award two $500 scholarships in June 2017  to students who are attending college in fall, 2017, as freshmen or continuing their studies.
   Anyone in need of financial assistance for furthering their education is welcome to apply.  Preference is given to family members of Masonic organizations, to students from the Mad River Valley, to graduating high school seniors, and students whose performance so far matches the ideals of Freemasonry. Applications will be judged by the Scholarship Committee of Mad River Lodge.

Awards will be announced on the day of the Harwood Union Awards.

Mail, fax, or email completed application and required material  to Rick Rayfield PhD

at P O Box 819, Waitsfield VT 05673, 802-496-3299 (fax), or

Deadline is May 20, 2017.  All application materials will be kept confidential.

Other local Masonic lodges have similar awards, and the Scottish Rite branch of Freemasons also has a scholarship program for continuing college students.



    A. This application form, completed and signed by applicant.

    B. Transcript of high school or college work (copy OK)

 Optional  C. Letter(s) of recommendation– teacher, coach, employer, friend, etc.


1. Name (last, first middle)_____________________________________________


2. Home Address______________________________________________________


3. Phone______________________  4. eMail Address_________________________


5. Age____     6. High school/college attended 2016-17_________________________


7. Name of Father/Guardian____________________________________________


8. Name of Mother/Guardian____________________________________________


9. Name(s) of family members (including yourself) belonging to Masonic groups, their membership (Lodge # etc), and their relation to you, if any

Masonic groups include Freemasons, Order of Eastern Star, Scottish Rite, York, Rite,  Shriners,

DeMolay, Rainbow Girls, Daughters of Job, and others


_______________________________________   ___________________________    _____________


_______________________________________   ___________________________    _____________


10. At what college/school will you be enrolled in fall, 2017?_____________________


11. Do you have a major or career you are considering?__________________________


12. May we contact your guidance counselor/advisor? Give name and contact info.



13.  Tell us about your extracurricular activities, athletics, and work experiences, and any awards.  Use extra paper if needed. Include dates you participated. E.g. Science award 2011.










14. Tell us anything else you think is important about yourself.  Use extra paper if needed.






15.  Freemasonry is not a religion,  but it is spiritual and it  pays reverence to what is beyond human understanding. The symbolic letter G may refer to God, or to geometry.

   Freemasonry welcomes members of all religions; it prides itself on religious toleration.

   Freemasons endeavor to improve their own character by study and meeting with

 other masons, using the building of a sacred temple as a metaphor for building a

 life that is spiritual and humane.

   Freemasons have historically been supporters of education and human progress, building libraries and supporting democratic revolutions.

   Freemasons engage in a variety of charitable projects. Scholarships, teacher training,

dyslexia, and burn hospitals are best known.

Please tell us how your planned education is in accord with the ideals of Freemasonry.









I certify that this application is true and accurate.  I promise to use this scholarship, if awarded to me, for college education expenses.


Signature of Applicant __________________________________________________