Old Building photos

Boyce Store

 We believe the first building was here prior to 1813, but burned down.  We believe the current foundation was built in 1812 the upper floors burned in 1845.  We have no drawings or photos of these two early versions.  The evidence for the second can be seen in the lintels over the three bay windows in the basement, visible above the porch floor, and the lintel and granite steps for the basement doorway.  We believe the basement entrance was given up in 1846 with the new building construction with its three protruding bay windows from the dining room and including the current porch.
The building was the Richardson Store,  the Boyce Store, and the Greene Store before 1920 when the Masons bought it and moved in from the Belden Block.

Old Methodist and Baptist steeples long goneNote open door to green (now Town parking lot)  Pre-1905-  square steeple still on what became Oddfellows in 1905.
Tall pointed Methodist steeple too.

Note street elevation, no lattice, no path down to basement apparent.

 Boyce Store Greene Store, no library

Fourth of July Parade 1899?

 4th of July, post 1873

pre-1873 (no Congreagtional church on right) Note west sidewalk. From below.

 Pre-1873 Methodist steeple just barely visible on left. Porch on lodge.