Building Work Chronology

 July 4 parade circa 1899

Mad RIver Lodge #77 Building chronology

(All dates and facts need further research, many from Richard Bisbee’s
History of Waitsfield)

Earliest wooden building on site burned.   Then again, dates unknown. Ground floor with three large windows and double doors (still under porch) probably abandoned in favor of present porch and three bay windows. Perhaps flooding, perhaps other basement issues. Ground floor may have been used with limited access, as lattice was added much later.

1845 present building constructed (despite 1830 date attached about 1990)

Several stores here- Chas Greene Store, then Boyce General Store- sometimes two on different levels- until purchased by Masons in 1921

 note street elevation

At that time Mad RIver Lodge met in rear of building two doors south. Present lodge room piano was moved from that building

. photo circa 2005

Cement floor poured in basment 1980 (Gary Belknap et al)

Support posts in dining room and basement  1990 (Bob Tracy)

Lodge room insulated, re-wired, new inner walls/ceiling, redecorated 1992, (Bob Tracy and Clay Wagner)  re-dedicated in 1993 at 150th anniversary of Mad River Lodge.

Dining Room Floor refinished  1998  (Al Rosetto)

New porch deck 2003 (Rick Rayfield)

Professional Building Report funded in part by Vermont Preservation Trust and Town of Waitsfield  2004  (Charles Kettles and RIck Rayfield)

Building Committee addresses long term plan to bring building into good condition 2005 (Bob Danaher)

New standing seam roof,   and much trim work 2005 (Gary Bombard)

Kitchen Remodelled 2006 (Gary Bombard)

Tuckponting, pump room partitions, new pump and hot water sustem, electrical and plumbing to code, and some windows 2007-8
(Neil Matheson, Chris Keast, Tim Baker)

Basement walls south and east poured concrete 2009 (Neil Matheson)

Porch-  Lodge has voted to continue porch restoration, and has appointed a committee to propose use of lower floor as commercial rental space, with funds appropriated if needed for engineering evaluation for said use.
 Proposal to move porch pillars, and cut back porch to gain access to ground floor. Three large lower windows not shown.